Press Release - June 21, 2024

Press Release - June 21, 2024

Press Release - June 21, 2024




Press Release

Dutch startup DAISYS develops the AI-driven voice technology of the future.

With its entirely in-house developed AI technology, DAISYS can 'compose' lifelike human voices down to the smallest details. This gives the Dutch startup a crucial lead in the fast-growing international billion-dollar market for chatbots, interactive games and voice-controlled cars, TVs and other consumer electronics. "We are developing the Holy Grail of AI-driven voice technology here," says DAISYS CEO and co-founder Barnier Geerling.

The human voice is the interface of the future. Whether you are producing an interactive video or game, a personal AI assistant or a new car, TV or coffee machine: soon you won't be able to do without a voice interface. The digital voice of that interface will thus largely define the user experience. It should therefore be the perfect extension of a brand, service or product. Not for nothing is the market for AI-driven voice technology developing rapidly.

Lifelike human voices

That market is now upside down thanks to DAISYS' innovative technology. With it, the Dutch startup makes it possible to "compose" lifelike human voices down to the smallest details. "Our technology completely dissects human voices from our also home-made data set," DAISYS co-founder and CEO Barnier Geerling explains. "So, for example, not only tone, timbre or rhythm, but also features for which there was simply no name until now."

Emotional LEGO bricks

As a result, creatives, brands and other users will soon be able to compose their unique voice "like LEGO bricks" on DAISYS' SPEAK platform, also developed entirely in-house. Or have them generated automatically via the DAISYS API. "In the future, chatbots will, among other things, be able to 'measure' the emotion of the interlocutor," Geerling explains. "Via our API, the chatbot can then automatically compose a voice that responds in a soothing or happy tone, for example."

Holy AI Grail

Full disconnection, or disentanglement, of source data and output is something of a Holy Grail in AI-land. DAISYS developed the required machine learning and AI technology entirely in-house.

DAISYS' international competitors have not yet succeeded in doing so, getting no further than 'cloning' or distorting a database of existing voices. Recent lawsuits, such as Scarlet Johansson's against OpenAI, show that this is very unlikely to be a sustainable solution.

Millions invested

DAISYS has already worked on pilots with major Dutch broadcasters, and is in talks with a major Dutch insurer. The startup is now also talking to investors to fund further development of the technology, the available data set and the now 15-strong team. UK market leader ElevenLabs, which works with the less sophisticated cloning technology, raised $80 million from several reputable venture capitalists in January this year.

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